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Review of the PR App - Upitch - Is it really user friendly?

There seems to be so many ways to reach consumers in today’s world. We can promote products, brands, and business – but how can we connect with other professionals to continue to network? How can I reach others to see my pitches for stories and promotion? What if I need story ideas as well? I didn’t know either, so I started searching for the perfect PR app to help me. This is where I came across the Upitch app. The purpose of the Upitch app is to be an easy-to-use tool to pitch stories, products and brands while connecting with journalist in targeted industries and geographical areas. For a PR professional being able to choose where in the world I would like to promote my latest hot topics is imperative for promotional usage and for reaching so many consumers in so many places. Upitch allows me to create story pitches, match with journalists who are seeking content, message journalist whom like my story idea, or even find a story idea I am interested in. I believe once I get the hang of the app it could potentially be a helpful tool in so many industries. It does however take some time to maneuver to figure it all out, even though it appears to be pretty basic. I’m still navigating it as I type. Versions Available Upitch offers two versions of their program for users. There is a desk top version and also an app phone version for download. First thing I did was go to their website on my PC at and create an account. I then downloaded the app to my phone as well since that is what I use for networking. One great thing about this app is that is completely free. This means you can sign up, try it out with no loss and prospectively have a gain for you PR promotions. On the flip side of the app being free, I am not really sure how well my pitch is being seen or if it’s being noticed at all by journalist. There isn’t any where to see views of my pitch or gain any feedback on a thread. Positive vs Negative Features The biggest positive about Upitch is that it is a world-wide way for distribution of a story. Connecting with journalist in my area or across the globe can be a great way to get my pitch, product, brand or business out to the right consumers. I may have a client who needs to reach an industry across seas; Upitch provides that type of connection. One negative aspect that I came across is it seems to be almost too basic of an app. The simplistic layout on the desk top version is confusing and I can’t seem to figure out how exactly to see other pitches by another journalist. I was able to publish a pitch, but unsure why I had to add all social media sites and my website…. Will other professionals see my pitch and sites? I honestly don’t know and will have to contact support for more information.

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