Media Kits

Leave the Details Up to Us

  • Press releases

  • Professional photos for your company

  • Professional promotional video

  • Promotion to television, radio, and community events

Graphic Design Office

Social Media Strategy

Showcase what sets you apart

  • Creation of social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Etsy, etc.

  • Weekly posting of your companies new promotions, new products, upcoming events and client engagements

  • Blog writing content and posting

  • Analytics of site distribution and site popularity maintenance to stream line consistent traffic to your sites

Website Content and Content Development

Maintain a positive and influential image

  • Website creation and maintenance

  • Domain name authentication and setup

  • Weekly updates of updated information such as events, promotions, or new launch products

  • Analyzation of analytics to streamline the most traffic to your personalized website

Computer Screen

Reputation Management

Maintain a positive reputation

  • Email newsletters

  • Website messaging

  • Blog Content

  • Response to customer reviews

  • Social Media management

  • Crisis Communication Plan

Event Planning and Promotion

Boost your brands awareness

  • Event organization

  • Budget planning

  • Venue Booking

  • Virtual Events

  • Hosting

  • Event promotion on social media, flyers and in the main stream media

Coworking Space