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1.Where are you located?

We are located in the Central Florida area, but have the ability to work in any region depending on your business needs. We can meet in person or virtually to discuss the PR needs of your company. In addition, we can travel to wherever you are located when/if needed. 


2.What is the cost for services?

Services are charged a monthly reoccurring retainer fee. After the initial startup we will review your company needs and base monthly charges on what PR services best fit your brand. This way you won’t have any unexpected charges. Clients will be required to maintain a minimum monthly retainer amounts each progressive month.


3.How long have you been in business?

Creative Perspectives PR is a new and growing PR business that officially launched in August 2021. Although this is a new business, the CEO is not new to the industry of business promotion and has been a part of brand management for several years.


4.How many years’ experience do you have in PR work?

The Creative Perspectives PR team has worked in PR for several years and has gained a positive reputation for their work. Their previous experience includes working with a variety of small businesses, non-profit organizations, magazines, entrepreneurs, public speakers, models, and artist. 


5.How long does it take on average to get my business more recognition using your service?

This depends on how quickly you would like a promotional campaign to kick off. We can start promotional work right away and start drawing in more business within the first month of beginning our work together. 


6.How many clients do you currently have?

Creative Perspectives PR clientele is vastly growing each month. Our number of clienteles may vary each month due to each businesses individual needs. 


7.If I have concerns or issues, can I talk directly to someone or will I have to speak to an email/automated service?

If any concerns do arise, we handle those directly. Our client’s satisfaction is what we focus on. Each client can directly speak to the CEO to clear up any potential misunderstandings. 



8.Is there a money back guarantee?

All clients will sign a contract for services. Termination of PR services requires a 30-day notice and any amount left in your retainer after the 30 days termination will be refunded to the client with a service fee attached. 


9.What can I expect by using Creative Perspectives PR services?

We have a variety of services that we offer to help get your business off the ground. We provide social media management, design websites, flyers, media kits, reputation management, event planning with promotion and more. For further explanation of our services please visit our website on the services tab to find more in-depth information on services. 


10.Who is on the Creative Perspectives PR team?

Creative Perspectives PR contracts with top photographers and cinematographers in the industry. We also are building multiple relationships with media outlets and event centers to enhance our relationships in multiple regions to reach the biggest audience as possible. 

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