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Let's talk about inspiration. How do you find it and define it? Here's my take....

I didn’t know I was inspiring people. Truth is, you probably do not even realize it either. We all seem to be an inspiration of some sort. Honestly though, I’ve just been really working on elevating myself so much that I didn’t focus on who may be watching my journey. Slowly though I am discovering my own enlightenment.

I found formal education frustrating my entire life. I wasn’t quite at the “average” speed of everyone else; somedays I was above it, others below. I learn different, my brain doesn’t connect the way that society has proposed and formulated it to. All of this led to me not put in the effort because I didn’t get it. Math was never my strong suit; my writing was overt with too much information and my grades were horrible. It would take me 15 minutes to read 5 pages in a book, only to have to go back and read it again because I lost focus of what I was doing, as I was doing it. However, that never stopped me. I pursued higher education and have been successful in attaining a BA degree, two MA degrees and the Salutatorian honor.

What was my inspiration? My children.

I always wanted more for myself and my family. I want to leave a legacy and make the ones I love proud. The key to this is to listen. Intently listen to others, their viewpoints, needs, opinions, beliefs, failures and successes. Especially those of our children. If we don’t silence our mind, it can be detrimental to our personal abundance. There were many moments as I matured that I realized how much I needed the

critique to transpire. We need the challenges, compliments, and analyzation to grow. Its separates us from the crowd, and ultimately inspires us.

Today I challenge you to think about those who have inspired you. How have they had an impact, and do you think that without that example you would be where you are? Are you pushing yourself or are you searching for more inspiration?

Tell us your story – let’s build each other up and continue to fulfil dreams.

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