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It's Launch Day!!!!

Today is the DAY

This day has taken so much preparation and we are finally ready, are you?

Creative Perspectives PR is officially open and ready to help you with any marketing and promotional needs. We are here to do the hard work for you, so you can focus on running your business as smooth as possible . Here are some quick answers to a few questions that we have been asked about Creative Perspectives PR.

What do you do at Creative Perspectives PR?

Creative Perspectives PR specializes in public relations work for all small business. Our services include media kits, social media promotion, event promotion, press releases, web content development and reputation management. We also contract with the best photographers and videographers in the industry to bring quality work to your promotion.

How can you help me with my business needs?

Together we will come up with a campaign plan so that we stay 100% focused on your business strategy. We will help you navigate several options that can best suit your business needs and introduce your products and/or services to the right consumers. Once the plan is created, we take care of all the marketing and promotional work to get your businesses name out to the right consumers and grow your level of traffic and sales.

How do we go about working with Creative Perspectives PR?

Easy! You can contact us directly on our website at or by calling us directly at (321) 246-0354. We can answer any questions and get started right away. The opportunities are endless with how we can market your business. Let's get creative!

We look forward to working with you!

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