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Change your expectations. Live in the moment.

What does a heavy day look like to you? How do you add up the moments to create less heaviness on your psyche?

We start each year with resolutions, betterment, goals and how wonderful the year is going to be. Before we even realize it, we start to separate the year into seasons, then we break it down to months, weeks and days - rather than continuously living in the moment. We tend to think that if we make the future great, the present won't seem so daunting. Remember tomorrow's existence has yet to even be created. Once you live in the moment all instances seem to exist as one. Then it can be handled in an organized manner rather than chaos. We will wait for the next greatest experience instead of acknowledging the greatness of what we are experiencing. We need to feel the moments, even the ugly ones because how we handle obsolete situations defines us. I feel the weight narrowing down my scope of each new day when I should be living in the moment and time should not be separated. I stopped counting time and started praising the value of it. The only thing we are not promised is tomorrow but yet we hope it will always be better.

I seek enlightenment now today and each moment I can breathe into becoming better.

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