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Are you working towards your goals? Tell us how

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Being an entrepreneur is such an accomplishment. So are all the many talents and creative ideas that never get the attention that they deserve. In addition, the stories behind the success are so fascinating to read and learn about. It creates an environment for others to manifest their dreams.

One thing we love to do is travel. Travel to see culture, art, scenery and to visit local businesses to learn more about the area. We love looking at the quirky, odd, and creative businesses. Recently we traveled to Key West, FL and visited The Smallest Bar. We spoke with the bartender, (who was also the owner) and learned how they utilize the space to make great conversations with their customers. It forces people to interact and socialize. The simplicity and genius of the idea only drew more people in to their business. Another example is a fashion model. Her story consists of overcoming a disability to walk in fashion shows. She must work harder than most to showcase her modeling talent because of a barrier. Her story of strength and perseverance is powerful.

My point is there are so many more stories that we have yet to hear, and we would love to hear your story, your business dream and how you are making it happen. These types of stories enhance the vitality of small businesses and they are so personal. We only see the end result so now you can tell us your process. Creative Perspectives PR is publishing small businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, models, and creatives alike in a quarterly magazine. We are ready to see the world of entrepreneurs.

If you are interested in being published please email your story to

“We look forward to working with you.”

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